more than just a meal!

If I were a food-type, you’d probably call me “fusion”. I have a German mother and an Iranian father, which means throughout my life I’ve been influenced by two worlds, two cuisines, two ways of celebrating and saying bon appetite!

Perhaps this background explains my love for food. Growing up in Germany, when I took a large spoonful of Ghormeh Sabzi with Tadig I felt connected to Iran, a place I’d never been. It might sound strange, but I’ve always been conscious of how important food is – not just as a source of nutrition, but as a means of connecting emotionally and spiritually with other people and places. Whether it’s regular Saturday brunches with my friends, romantic Friday dinners or Sunday lunch with the family, I love the way food connects people.

In this way, you could say that the idea for Yumzee was always in me. But the Eureka moment came whilst sitting outside a café in Tubingen, my home town. It was a beautiful, sunny day. The outside terrace was full with chatter and bustle. I’d finished my latte and was watching the world go by. I closed my eyes to better feel the sun warm my face. I accidentally started to listen to the conversations around me. A table close to me asked to merge with the table next to them. They were two families, old and young mixed together. After short introductions there was a brief silence, then questions, answers, the table laughed and listened.

I started to think about how we could make that feeling on the Summer terrace in Tubingen an everyday possibility. The question I wanted to answer was “how can I bring people together without an agenda, in a comfortable environment to make genuine connections?” The more I thought about it, the more excited I became. I’ve always loved meeting new people and really getting to understand their story – simply, it is one of things that makes me happy. And as I’ve said I think there is no better way of doing this than over a wonderful meal. And so Yumzee was born..

we care about

quality of experience as much as quality of food

Real life connections through a platform that anyone can use and be inspired by

Contributing to making the world a happier place

Providing an opportunity for everyone to become a chef

Making it easy to meet people in a relaxed environment

Connecting people of all backgrounds at one table

who we are

The Team: Even though we come from different countries, with different backgrounds and for sure different opinions on what the best dish in the world is, we have one passion in common - food!

Rebecca S. - Founder

I have worked in Strategy Consulting across a range of industries with a previous background in Investment Banking and have finally come to my senses - following my love for food. ​

Chris L. - Operations

I am a Director at a top tier Strategy Consulting house and have previously worked as an advisor to No10. In a previous life, I believe I was a Michelin star chef – this is the only way to explain my volatility in the kitchen ​

Ralu T. - Marketing

I come from a marketing background having worked both agency side and in-house but digital marketing and SEO is my true love, after cooking of course.​

Maria M. - Communications

I’m a unique combination – an experienced Management Consulting (specialising in Operations and Communications) and a Nutrition student at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. ​

Oli S. - Branding

I come from a sales background, working as an account manager. My passion for marketing and brand development is only matched by love for all things food! ​

Kejan L. - Community

I’m a pioneer of sharing economy concepts around travelling and accommodation and excited about being part of this Food Sharing Revolution. ​

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