Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Yumzee?

Who can sign up to Yumzee?

How much does it cost?

Do I have to be a host and a guest?

How can I delete my account?


Who can be a host?

What Location does a host usually use?

Can I decide who joins my meal?

What does a host’s rating mean?

How can I set up a meal?

What should I cook?

What if people have specific dietary requirements or are allergic to anything?

How much should I charge?

When will I be paid?

What is a meal request?

How can I cancel a meal as a host?


Who can be a guest?

Does a guest have to host too?

What if I have dietary requirements/ allergies?

Is alcohol included in the price?

What does a Host’s rating mean?

How can I cancel a meal as a guest?